The Smart Plants process

Smart Plants process

It all starts with your existing infrastructure (HVAC, Power, Production Machines etc).

All we need is an available communication port.

Smart Plants process

We install our plug-and-play hardware, e.g. ClevAIR, as many as needed.

Now we have access to your existing data and the fun can begin.

Smart Plants process

If you need more data, we'll arrange with extra sensors and setup.

No internet? No problem! We have solutions ready for you.

Smart Plants process

Now all your data is flowing encrypted from your systems up to the cloud.

Here it all will be stored, translated into uniform values and processed into understandable information.

Smart Plants process

Depending on the case, we'll collect external data that is relevant.

This is to optimize your processes, e.g. the weather forecast for HVAC systems.

Smart Plants process

With the help from machine learning, the internal and external data will be utilized to further optimize your processes.

Without the need of any manual input or labour.

Smart Plants process

The processed data then goes back to your infrastructure,

It makes sure that the processes are fully optimized and running smoothly.

Smart Plants process

The whole process and history can be remotely viewed, analyzed and controlled.

Just log on to the Smart Plants dashboard from your computer. You have access regardless of your location. If something goes wrong, you or your service provider will be alerted immediately.

Smart Plants process

It all happens within a blink of an eye.

The information flow and eventual alerts are executed in real-time.

Smart Plants benefits

  • No costly upgrades. Our solutions improve the performance of your existing buildings, machines and production facilities.
  • Instant alerts. Avoid unnecessary downtime and related costs.
  • Lower costs. Automation and optimization ensures reduced expenses for energy consumption, maintenance & operations and repair & replacement.
  • Complete visual overview. Get real-time graphs and historic data for better control and insight of your operations.
  • Environment friendly. Optimization gives lower power consumption which again lowers your business impact on the environment.
  • Single source overview. Connect all your systems, buildings and machines under one umbrella and one dashboard.
  • Make sense of it all. You probably have vast amounts of data flying around, more produced every day. We'll help you to gather it all and put it to good use.
Smart building benefits

What we do

We connect to your existing infrastructure (HVAC, machinery, control systems and others), and make it smarter by gathering and processing your rich data and providing you with actionable insights for you to optimise operations and save costs.