Smart Factory

Manage your factory workflow without managing it.

Smart Factory is a solution that embeds intelligence in your factory, increasing its functionality. By using simple input devices and a powerful cloud computing service, we connect everyone and everything together in your factory—mobilizing real-time data.

With the implementation of lean manufacturing processes in your industrial environment, Smart Factory not only enables your ascent to higher operational intelligence but also equips you to make well-informed future decisions.

Smart Factory
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Cloud-based System

Our cloud based system offers you flexibility and ease of access. All data validation, storage and backup is on the cloud, making it maintenance free and reducing cost. It also makes our solution scalable to meet the needs of any size of establishment.

real time update

Real-time Status

Monitor real time performance for each and every workstation on your factory floor, on the go. Get alerts for situations of notice, and your factory operations will never face unnecessary delays.

automated dashboard

Automated Dashboard

View all current as well as historic details of workflow by quick glances on an easy-to-navigate and attractive dashboard. Designed to be simple to understand and use, it also allows you to manage users and devices from one portal.

KPI reports

KPI Reports

Track your success with absolute ease by the KPI reports generated by the system. These KPIs are based on the goal metrics provided by your company for your factory.

A little background insight...

After the industrial revolution of the 19th century, manufacturing processes have continuously evolved for more production and less manual work. The advent of assembly line is far behind on our industrial timeline, with robotic machinery as our current place, and complete automated processes, local decisions and interoperability as the near-ideal model called Industry 4.0. While it comes with its downsides and concerns, a few organizations have already adopted this ideal model, eradicating manual labour and running factories that run completely on their own.

Smart Factory helps bridge the gap between your current factory setting and complete industrial automation on the Industry 4.0 model. While it is the inevitable future for most companies to revolutionize into cyber-physical manufacturing, Smart Factory is the buffer where your employees don’t lose their jobs, you retain your current machinery, but you also modernize and reap the advantages of Internet of Things like real-time correspondence with machines, availability of constantly changing, real-time data, data-driven technical assistance, etc.
All this while increasing your profit, revenue and market shares.

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Why you should choose Smart Factory

  • Visually appealing and automated dashboard that is simple and easy to navigate around
  • Users’ access and device management from one portal
  • Cloud-based system accessible from anywhere with internet connection
  • Simple touch panels for each operator to input current status by a single touch
  • Real time overview of production processes including machinery downtime and its reason
  • A holistically flexible and scalable system according to your facility’s needs
  • Rapid and actionable feedback enabling higher uptime on machines
  • Easy visibility of trends and statistics empowering you to perform in-depth analysis
  • Lean manufacturing processes implemented reducing energy used and hence reducing carbon footprint
  • Data-driven analysis reveals true bottlenecks and ensures qualified replacements

What we would require from your factory

Nothing. We will setup and provide what is needed for the integration of Smart Factory in your facility.


Contact us at to get a quick quote based on the size of your establishment and any special requirements.


  • How long would it take for Smart Factory to be realized in our factory?

    It takes 1-3 months for setup, installment and testing. However, support is always available when you need.

  • We do not have any internet connection in our factory. Can Smart Factory still be implemented?

    Yes. We can setup an internet connection or most probably boost the existing one as an addition to our service. It will probably come with an additional subscription fee from the service provider.

  • A lot of our machinery is very old. Can this service still be applied on them?

    Yes, of course. We will integrate your current machinery, no matter how old into the IoT.

  • We use another Iot system on our factory. Can we get it replaced by Smart Factory?

    Smart Factory can be integrated with any existing IoT system. If we deem it prudent we would expand the current system to fully implement Smart Factory.

  • Is storing our data on a cloud system secure? How?

    Yes. We have armoured the communication and cloud storage with one of the markets most secure encryptions.

  • How much will I roughly save by installing Smart Factory in my infrastructure?

    You can contact us at to get a quote with a rough estimate on savings.

  • Will I be charged per workstation, per factory floor, or would it be based on the area of the factory?

    Per workstation.

  • If we want multiple factory floors to have their own separate dashboards is it possible?

    Yes. Our service is flexible to your needs and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

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