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Team SP: Wrapping up 2017 and Disrupting 2018

Two years after the Energy Union commissioned the EU to take charge on the clean energy transition, Nordic countries lead the world in action against climate change. They have demonstrated how ambitious mitigation targets can be met successfully and are continuing to do so.

Suffice it to say that being a Nordic clean energy, IoT startup, we have had a busy yet rewarding year. As our CEO says, “If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life!”. And he couldn’t be more right. Here’s all that happened this year in Smart Plants while we were not working.

We were mentioned in the press

A prospective client, Aarbakke mentioned Smart Plants and how we are working with them to evolve their factory into a digitized factory that provides deep insights on all operations. 

Our smart factory case study was published in IoTBusinessNews white papers as well as on’s official blog.

We were also covered for our selection by Katapult in print ! Which we don’t really know sounds cool or not anymore.

We won awards (plural)

In early summer we got nominated for Best IoT Startup in the Nordic Startup Awards2017. After vigorous voting rounds and demos with some of the smartest disruptive startups in the nordic region, we rollercoastered through as NSA 2017’s runner-ups.

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Smart Plants won two awards in two places in one week.

This winter though, we bagged double wins in London and Stavanger separately. Our CTO Jon Rasmussen (also known by us as Iron Man) won the Ardent Techie Award at the 21rst century Icon Awards, London. While our tech team won the LoraWan Hackathon in Stavanger for creating 3 sensors during competition. Those sensors will now be tested by LoraWan in the city’s Living Lab.

Partnership with Cisco

We have made new friends as well this year. After a hustling day in Oslo at the Cisco Partner event on May 12th, our executives formalised a partnership with Cisco and headed to their Norge office to prepare our products for the Cisco IoX platform.

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Smart Plants CEO and CTO at Cisco to prepare our products for Cisco IoX platform

With Cisco as our partner company we intend to integrate our building management system onto their widely used hardware to create a Cisco-ready solution. And in doing so, allow a larger portion of the world to easily convert their buildings into smart buildings.

To accelerate clean energy operations throughout the world, we are also selling the solution to other Cisco partners. This will not only open doors to a new vertical for them by  ‘delivering smart buildings’ , but also increase their clientele and expand their business. Plus they get to be a part of the rigorous efforts to making this planet cleaner and sustainable.

It’s really a win-win for everyone involved.

Let’s hope 2018 kicks our efforts to fruition.


Smart Plants was 1 of the 12 startups selected by Katapult Accelerators from 1000! We started the 3-month acceleration program at Grunerlokka, Norway on August 2nd and demo-ed on the 19th October at the end of the program. It was a blast and we left with game-changing experiences, knowledge and skill-sets.

We sure had a lot of press coverage for this too. In here, here, here, here and here. Yes, it was quite the racket in town.

Earlier this year Nordic Innovation House also helped us accelerate and gave us Silicon Valley exposure.

Product milestones

This really tops all our achievements this year. As we completed the delivery of our first complete smart factory solution for KGON, Norway in early 2017. Soon after, Kverneland Group was so pleased with their productivity results that they offered us to roll out our solution onto their entire group of factories! Which is a lot of factories.

We just completed one in Denmark and are now moving on to the rest of them.

There have been several advancements in our solution suite as well. One is the addition of many new dashboards in the SF interface. These give even deeper insight into factory operations and have been a hit with our clients.

There has also been an addition of LoraWan Sensors to our vast toolbox. The latest of these are being tested in Stavanger as you read this.


Our CEO was invited to speak at Eiendom2 on “Tomorrow’s most effective property possessions” at Grieghallen, Bergen. The smartest minds in the telecom industry listened to how a smart building conversion today makes for tomorrow’s heavily-returning property. Sjur is already invited by Telenor IoT for a similar talk in Jan, 2018.

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Smart Plants CEO, Sjur Usken speaking at Telenor Eiendom, Oslo 2017

Sjur also spoke about how we can help companies end their struggle to maximize utilization of legacy systems at Oslo Innovation Week on September 28. And gave another talk at Mobile World Congress 2017, Barcelona, about ventilation surveillance, autonomous buildings, the IoT and Machine Learning.

This is getting really long, and I still haven’t mentioned us in the Cube Tech Fair, new members joining the Smart Plants team, and Labor Party’s Hadia Tajik visiting our client factory with us.

2018 has just started and we have already been accepted for this year’s CUBE event and Sjur has already been invited by Trondheim to pitch for Enova this month. This might just be another disruptive year.

Happy New Year everyone!

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