Smart Plants – 2019 in Review

The final year of the decade helped Smart Plants soar to new heights as a startup. We are proud to have helped our clients save over 1 million KWh of energy in 2019. When we were not busy in reducing energy costs, we were attending events, giving speeches, celebrating various nominations, and receiving plaudits from around the world. Here’s our 2019 in review: Press Mentions: The Explorer, a Norwegian platform which showcases the best Green Technology solutions, gave a massive shout-out to Smart Plants. They talked about how SmartPlants can reduce energy costs by up to 40%. Teknisk Ukeblad of TU, told the story of...

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SmartPlants featured among leading technologies for higher sustainability

The Explorer, a digital showroom for sustainable Norwegian solutions, presents SmartPlants among the country’s most forward-thinking technologies that aim to achieve one or more of the UN sustainable development goals. The platform is an initiative by Innovation Norway (Innovasjon Norge) and connects international actors and companies with Norwegian solutions that apply to their specific needs. The overall aim is to expand Norwegian exports and strengthen the country’s position as a sustainable pioneer. As SmartPlants serves as an answer to cut down the massive CO2 footprint of the building sector, the Smart Plants solution received a spot among the country’s leading technologies. The Explorer strives to...

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A Run For Atea’s Title Adds to Growing Momentum

We’re wrapping up an exciting period.   Between magazine recognitions, events and presentations, Atea’s Annual Tech Founder competition further strengthened our upward path. Participants had to be able to launch, have launched, or be close to launching a product or service for the business-to-business market. SmartsPlants and Smart Factory were standouts in the first round. Sales director Christian Rasmussen presenting Smart Plants products in the common area at the Atea Community event. We advanced to the finals in Oslo along with five other startups, AdaptRetail, Capeesh, Makeadrone, Fuse, and Secure Practice.  The winner would go on to become Norway’s annual tech founder and receive support from Atea, the nation’s leading IT-supplier, in order...

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The Climate Change Adaptation for Your Wallet

The era of cheap energy is over. As countries aim for low-carbon economies, while global energy demands keep growing, efficient climate change adaptation must secure us from a growingly expensive cost of living. Energy costs will keep rising. Adapt energy usage to climate change With the Paris Agreement in 2015, the world created its first ever legally binding, global climate deal. It aims to limit global warming to a 1.5 temperature increase, which according to the European Environment Agency, requires a major overhaul of both energy production and consumption. Get ready to adapt. Taxes, environmental protection, and severe weather conditions directly affect the price...

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How this hospitality solution revolutionizes the industry

Do you want to stay competitive in the hospitality industry? Then you have to go the extra mile to attract and keep your visitors. Mustad Eiendom is a Norwegian real-estate company with over 150 years of business experience. Now, they decided to analyze and optimize its popular cultural center to create a perfect indoor climate and saw major energy savings come along with it. Here is their story – download use case and dive deep into their insights Are you holding your guests hostage? When visitors feel trapped in poor air quality, uncomfortable temperature, and costly payments, your business dies in the silence. Your hospitality feels neglected by fundamental discomfort. Read also: Sick Building Syndrome: Why You...

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Smart Plants Smartly Globetrotting: a Four-Month Scoop

The previously estimated number of 20 billion devices being connected by 2020 has risen up to 30 billion. Businesses are stampeding towards ultimate digitization as they realize the benefits attached to transforming their legacy infrastructures into data-driven ones. And why wouldn’t they? A digital twin can change the landscape of a business. And we at Smart Plants gave a first-hand account of how a holding company cut its power consumption by 50%, and a manufacturing company boosted its production worth by 7% in under 3 months. Smart Plants has been dedicated these last few months to enrich customers’ businesses with the power of data....

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Sick Building Syndrome: Why You Need to Take it Seriously Now

I just feel better when I’m here. A good indoor climate can have amazing effects on the cognitive, physical and emotional state of a human being. The effects take place as soon as you step in. The exact opposite of the Sick Building Syndrome. Whether it’s a conference room, office or a cafe. People want to spend longer hours in a comfortable indoor atmosphere. In an office, good indoor air quality means higher productivity, more quality output and the company meets targets faster. In schools, students in classrooms with good indoor climate perform 8% better than in bad indoor climate,...

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6 ways Digital Disruption Helps Manufacturers Save Heaps of Money

Running a factory is expensive. And that’s the understatement of the year. From direct labor to supply materials to all the several components of manufacturing overheads. Every component has a bulk of cost attached to it. In both batch and assembly production. For example inventory holding alone could cost upto 25% of the production budget, depending on the type of factory. While spending money is a given in this business, becoming lean is a crucial and continuous process in every manufacturing firm. The problem is very ripe for disruption. Luckily, the solutions are already here and are here to stay....

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Team SP: Wrapping up 2017 and Disrupting 2018

Two years after the Energy Union commissioned the EU to take charge on the clean energy transition, Nordic countries lead the world in action against climate change. They have demonstrated how ambitious mitigation targets can be met successfully and are continuing to do so. Suffice it to say that being a Nordic clean energy, IoT startup, we have had a busy yet rewarding year. As our CEO says, “If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life!”. And he couldn’t be more right. Here’s all that happened this year in Smart Plants while we were...

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Our Experience at Slush: Post Hangover Thoughts on One of the Largest Tech Events in the World

Now that we have thawed from Helsinki’s freezing climate, here’s our take on the 48-hour frenzy. Every year more than 17,000 people gather for Slush, to network with 1000’s of investors, startups, talent-seekers, job-seekers and tech junkies on Nitros. This time they had us at Al Gore’s Keynote Speech.   Besides Mr. Al Gore, we observed several other exceptional speakers who blew our minds! Our team had a great time, and got the chance to present our idea to many investors and potential business partners. Slush, Helsinki The atmosphere was a perfect blend to house our ideas. Our CEO, Sjur explained...

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