Few words about us

Our vision

The industries of our focus stand for 1/3 of global CO2 emissions. Through our knowledge and resources, we work to lower these emissions in a way which also increases efficiency and reduces expenses.

Our mission

We want to give you complete insight and control of all your industrial systems. Therefore, we maintain and evolve a one-stop shop for extracting, analyzing & reporting your existing system data silos to efficiently inform and optimize your value chain.


It is impossible for a single human being to monitor all operations and report faults of a modern production process. This information access, however, lays the ground for quality decisions. With the introduction of improved sensors and the Internet of Things, we are now able to extract and gather data in a graspable way. When we digitize the operation’s management, efficiency increases as production bottlenecks are avoided more frequently. If you want to keep your edge in the competition, there simply is no way around digitization. Smart Plants was established with the vision to provide a harmonious coexistence and interoperability between man and machine. This, we feel is essential for human progress.

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