Start delivering smart buildings to new and
old clients with our Cisco-ready solution

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Grow your business with the IoT solution that saves
thousands of dollars in building and factory operations

Upgrade a building
with network, wireless
and building control

Integrate existing equipment
into new services
( buildingbot ventilation on )
Location services
( use it to control the building)

Customer saves
more than it
costs totally

What’s in it for me

  • What do you provide?

    WE deliver a Cisco-ready solution SaaS products that connects all physical assets in an infrastructure, and extracts data generated from it. ClevAir for eg., is a plug n play solution. So with no hassle at all, it creates a digital twin of the entire infrastructure to help clients optimize its operations and reduce all costs and energy waste associated with those ops.

  • 15 minutes? Not possible

    It actually is! Being applicable on Cisco hardware means that ClevAir is a retrofit solution. With the hardware already present we just integrate with it and data starts streaming to the cloud. It doesn’t even take 15 minutes.

  • What Cisco hardware does ClevAir work with?

    Mainly Cisco 809 router. However the following are all applicable:
    Cisco 800 Series Integrated Services Routers
    Cisco 800 Series Industrial Integrated Services Routers
    Cisco Industrial Ethernet 4000 family of switches
    Compute Module for Cisco 1000 Series Connected Grid Routers

  • What else is in it for me, any perks?

    Many. With our solution you can expand your business by creating new verticals (smart factory, smart buildings). This will increase your clientele forming new, large revenue-generating streams. A growth in business will only lead to increased profitability. Here are the perks listed
    - Start selling Smart Buildings
    - Start selling Smart Factories
    - Easy integration into commercial buildings
    - Control the buildings/factories directly from Cisco Spark! (spark is Cisco’s Slack alternative)
    - “Talk directly to the facility” by our solution incorporated in Cisco hardware
    - Get an API directly to all physical assets in an infrastructure
    - Bridge your IT solution over the OT world with Smart Plants

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