Building Information and Management System

Upgrade to smart building in 15 minutes or less

smart buildings

ClevAir converts your power-hungry buildings to automatic, cost-saving buildings! The building management system can be installed on legacy systems as old as 25 years, in less than 15 minutes. It is fully scalable and gives you real-time insight into your buildings, 24/7, that you can remotely view and manage from your computer or mobile device.

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Key Features

Building monitoring

Monitor entire building(s) live,24/7 from any device

Remotely manage buildings

Remotely manage all indoor climate settings like temperature, humidity, etc.

Alert system

Receive instant alerts for interruptions in smooth running of HVAC systems


Relax and rely on smart solutions like weather forecast coordination

Predictive maintenance

Repair faults beforehand to avoid costly replacements of equipment

Cost saving building

Cut down energy costs by data-driven autonomous actions by system


Make well-informed long-term economic decisions for your company

Sounds good?

Use this free, simple savings calculator to find out how much you save with ClevAir
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Supports most HVAC systems

ClevAir gathers all hidden relevant data from your existing systems and transforms it to produce actionable information. It can be installed on HVAC-systems of any number, type and size, that are up to 25 years old. And within 15 minutes. It is delivered pre-programmed and ready for Installation.

Smart HVAC system

...Is a Plug-and-Play Building Management System

It is delivered ready for use and can be accessed with mobile internet from anywhere. All you need is a username and password. The cloud-based software uses military grade encryption to secure all your data and communications.

ClevAir plug-and-play management system

Ease of Maintenance

Building management system dashboard
Online building overview
Manage building from the phone
ClevAir ensures hassle-free, optimal operation of your ventilation. If any problems occur, you or your service provider gets notified immediately. The service technician can easily troubleshoot the problem and solve it with historic reports and values for analysis presented in the building management system. Counselling from service providers also becomes much easier, since through ClevAIR it can be done remotely.
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Guaranteed Healthy Indoor Climate

No more sick-building syndrome, and no more loss in human productivity! Thanks to ClevAir. This building management system uses smart algorithms that take factors like

Number of occupants in a room

number of occupants in a room

Weather analysis

current weather

Weather forecast analysis

and weather forecast

to provide the most accurate and healthy levels of CO2, humidity, ventilation, etc. in each area of the building for the well being of its inhabitants

How much will you save with ClevAir?

Average energy cost incl. grid tariff and fees, excl. VAT NOK/kWh
Generic building heated area m2
Yearly consumption per m2 kWh
Yearly energy cost per m2 NOK
Total energy consumption per year kWh
Total energy cost per year NOK
HVAC share of total consumption 35%
Heating and ventilation energy consumption per year kWh
Heating and ventilation energy cost per year NOK
Yearly consumption reduction with ClevAIR installed kWh
Yearly cost reduction with ClevAIR installed NOK
Montly cost reduction with ClevAIR installed NOK
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  • Is it difficult to install?

    ClevAIR is easy to use and the installation is plug-and-play
    - installation takes about 15 minutes
    - type in username and password
    - = you’re up and running

    - no hassle with firewall
    - ClevAIR operates over mobile internet, if needed
    - one of the markets most secure encryptions

  • Does my ventilation system qualify for plug-and-play installation?

    ClevAIR is compatible with most of the standard ventilation systems supplied in the last decades. It needs to have a controller with a communication port. E.g. TCP ethernet, modbus RTU (serial) or Bacnet IP. If you’re not sure, contact us or your service provider to find out.

  • We manage several different ventilation systems of different makes and models, can we gather the surveillance of them with ClevAIR?

    Yes, certainly. ClevAIR is brand and model independent and translates the information from the different systems into uniform information. All your systems will be displayed on the same dashboard with a tab for each building.

  • I have no internet connection at the location, can ClevAIR still be used?

    Yes. Sometimes there is no internet at the location of the ventilation system. We can set it up with mobile internet. There will be an extra monthly cost to cover the subscription for the mobile internet.

  • Do I have to manage the operation of ClevAIR myself?

    Only if you want to. Most of the users of ClevAIR, Building Management System, already have maintenance contracts with a ventilation service provider. In these cases the service provider handles the management and surveillance from ClevAIR for the customers convenience.

  • How can it make a better indoor climate and at the same time reduce power consumption?

    It is all about working smarter. Our machine learning algorithms makes the ventilation system able to do a better job than before but at lower power consumption. When the ventilation system, through ClevAIR, can check the weather forecast it can start planning operations for the next hours. Avoiding overheated buildings in sunny weather or too cold buildings when the winter suddenly appears. This planning also helps avoiding the ultra expensive power consumption peaks.

  • We operate many buildings, do we need to log on one dashboard for each building?

    No. All buildings are gathered in the same dashboard. You name each building as you please and switch between them with the tabs on the dashboard. One tab for each building.

  • Do I need one ClevAIR controller for each ventilation system?

    It depends on how the different systems are connected. On some locations the systems are already connected together and in these cases one ClevAIR controller is enough to cover all. If the systems are not connected it is normally cheaper to get one ClevAIR controller for each instead of paying for the installation of cables between the systems.

  • Do we pay the monthly subscription fee one for each controller or one for each building?

    The standard is one subscription fee for each ClevAIR controller. The ROI is still good as each subscription saves power consumption on the connected ventilation system. We provide discounts on the subscription fee when there are a need of two or more ClevAIR controllers to one building. Contact us for volume discounts.

  • How does connection to the weather forecast make me save money on ventilation?

    When the ventilation system, through ClevAIR, can check the weather forecast it can start planning operations for the next hours. Avoiding overheated buildings in sunny weather or too cold buildings when the winter suddenly appears. This planning also helps avoiding the ultra expensive power consumption peaks. In a building there is a lot of mass, concrete, steel etc that gets heated or cooled down and it takes some time before you can register this on the indoor temperature. Many buildings has outdoor temperature and light sensors but these only measure the situation “right now”.
    Many experience that the building is firing up the ovens from the night cold, still when the sun is shining and the outdoor temperature is rising. The result is that it gets too warm inside and that the ventilation system is not dimensioned to handle this and the indoor temperature gets too high. Especially in the afternoon at the top floors. With ClevAIR the buildings get information to plan for at least the next 24 hours, depending on the quality of the weather forecast off course.

  • I see you use cloud solutions for all the software, is this safe to use?

    Yes. We have armoured the communication and cloud storage with one of the markets most secure encryptions.

  • Do we have to change settings if we make changes on our ethernet structure or internet supplier?

    No. ClevAIR works just fine without the need of any changes in settings if you change your firewall, internet provider etc.

  • Where can I buy ClevAIR?

    ClevAIR, Building Management System, is mainly sold through ventilation service providers and automation electricians. Contact your service provider for a quote or drop us a line to find your closest provider.

  • How old ventilation systems can we install ClevAIR on?

    It depends on the make and model. Look for a communication port. Normally it can be used on systems that are between 25 and 15 years old and newer.

  • What the heck is IoT?

    Something you and we all should prepare for. It is short for the Internet of Things. Modern production systems, buildings, factories, machines and even your home supplies are producing vast amounts of data. Just a single jet engine produces five hundred gigabytes of data, per flight ! The challenge is to gather all this data, make sense of it all and get information you can act and improve on. IoT is the connection of all these, and more, things. ClevAIR is a pure IoT product, connecting your existing infrastructure to tear aside the veil of complex processes, discovering the true bottlenecks and fixing them.
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