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The Climate Change Adaptation for Your Wallet

The era of cheap energy is over.

As countries aim for low-carbon economies, while global energy demands keep growing, efficient climate change adaptation must secure us from a growingly expensive cost of living.

Energy costs will keep rising.

Adapt energy usage to climate change
Adapt energy usage to climate change


With the Paris Agreement in 2015, the world created its first ever legally binding, global climate deal. It aims to limit global warming to a 1.5 temperature increase, which according to the European Environment Agency, requires a major overhaul of both energy production and consumption.

Get ready to adapt.

Taxes, environmental protection, and severe weather conditions directly affect the price of energy. Carbon taxes, rising sea levels, and droughts are set to make your everyday life costlier.

A climate change adaptation for increased comfort and more savings
comfortable indoor climate

Though it may seem as if you use energy as efficiently as possible, your living- and workspace most certainly doesn’t. This, we proved with ClevAir, a building management system for physical, mental, and financial well-being.

It maximizes the potential of your indoor climate by using IoT-technology and artificial intelligence to optimize ventilation, air quality, humidity, and temperature; 4 essentials of Harvard’s “9 Foundations for Health”.

Optimization = no unnecessary energy usage. Our clients cut down energy costs by 20 – 40 percent.

Find out of your potential savings with our free ClevAir calculator.

The era of cheap energy is off to a fresh start.

New era of cheap energy

The more prices keep rising, the more money you save by optimizing your usage.

However, ClevAir also saves money on maintenance. The technology cooperates with up to 25-year-old operation systems and delivers deeper insight into buildings than what you thought possible.

We value sustainability. Therefore, we made sure the system notifies you immediately whenever something unusual happens. As a result, you can take care of problems in their early stages and keep your building in the best possible shape to maximize its longevity.

Read more in our case study on how a Norwegian real-estate firm installed ClevAir and developed its cultural center to a higher degree of business-sustainability.

Your choices in adapting to climate change matter
adapting to climate change matter

A changing climate provokes change in the economy and we’re already in the midst of it. While governments take initiative to become more independent of fossil fuels, it becomes profitable to follow in their footsteps.

Rather than fighting the path of renewable energy, we should find ways to contribute in it.

Buildings stand for nearly 40% of global CO2-emissions and without energy optimization, your living- and workspace will be like an old car, running with horrendous fuel consumption.

ClevAir is the key to a better life with less of a burden on both your wallet and natural resources. It’s your help in adapting to low-carbon economies.

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