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SmartPlants is now ClevAir

In the last few months, ClevAir has grown remarkably. It saves energy, makes us healthier and helps the planet. To stay faithful to our passion and mission, we have decided to re-brand our company and make the ClevAir vision, our long term vision.
Therefore we are thrilled to announce that Smart Plants is now ClevAir!
Besides the name, we also changed our colors, logo and website.

The Colors

The ClevAir colors haven’t been randomly chosen. They signify who we are, and what we aspire to achieve. White signifies the bright future we foresee for our children and our planet. Dark grey depicts that we are bold enough to dare to change the future. Blue shows that we are confident, reliable, and responsible in the way we serve our customers. The gradients we use reveal our innovative and technological side. 

The Name

company name

ClevAir is a combination of “Clever” and “Air”. We believe that it is a far better representative of our direction and identity as a company. (Make existing infrastructure smart/clever such that better air quality and energy efficiency is ensured)

The Logo

clevair logo

We believe that a wordmark is the best way to give identity to our brand. We connected the words “Clev” and “Air” in the same way we connect old appliances with modern technology.  Highlighting the word “Air” and connecting it with “Clev” allows us to signify our brand’s motto: finding clever ways to save energy while making both indoor and outdoor air, fresh and healthy.

Also, we wanted to keep it simple and elegant as we believe that good products don’t need any fancy wrapping.

The Website

ClevAir website

Our goal was to create a simplistic, user-friendly website. We have “How it works” and “Features” pages on the new website that explain the benefits of ClevAir. We have case studies of recently completed projects, along with a calculator that can help forecast potential savings with ClevAir. We have also started a blog where we are posting articles that explain complicated stuff related to the planet, smart buildings, and co2 emissions in a fun and informative way.”

Visit ClevAir website here

Despite all these changes, we will still provide you with the same level of commitment, quality, and support that you are used to. As you continue to notice changes in our branding and promotions over the next few days, feel free to connect with us regarding any queries, comments, or compliments. 

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