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Smart Plants – 2019 in Review

The final year of the decade helped Smart Plants soar to new heights as a startup.

We are proud to have helped our clients save over 1 million KWh of energy in 2019.

When we were not busy in reducing energy costs, we were attending events, giving speeches, celebrating various nominations, and receiving plaudits from around the world. Here’s our 2019 in review:

Press Mentions:

The Explorer, a Norwegian platform which showcases the best Green Technology solutions, gave a massive shout-out to Smart Plants. They talked about how ClevAir can reduce energy costs by up to 40%.

Smart Plants featured in Explorer

Teknisk Ukeblad of TU, told the story of how we surprised a multinational furniture retailer by improving their energy efficiency, despite their manager thinking “there wasn’t much more to gain”.

Printed TU article
Printed TU article

DNB also sung our praises and referred to our solution as a “paradigm shift in building management”.


An article about SmartPlants and ClevAir was published in the April edition (page 58-60) of the Næringseiendom. It talked about the revolutionary changes the company and the product have brought about in the building industry.


Solabladet, another famous Norwegian magazine, published an article talking about how building owners reported up to 60% of reduction in heat consumption after installing ClevAir.


Magnus Harnes of Shifter, an online business magazine, wrote an article in which he shed light on something important our CEO, Sjur Usken, told him:

 “People complain about the diesel cars idling for two minutes (and emitting CO2), when there are four buildings around that are in full swing (emitting CO2) 18-20 hours a day”


Smart Plants Making Waves in 2019 (Globally):

For all the disruption we caused in the real estate and building management industry, we got recognition from around the world.

PropTechMap included us in their list of top 100 European startups.


We also made the Top 100 ConTech startup list after competing with 600 startups from around the world.


TheFactory, the largest Nordic accelerator and incubator, also recognized us as a major proptech player in Norway.


FUTURE PropTech, a London based magazine recognized us as one of the prominent Norwegian PropTech companies in their April roundup article.

We Received Nominations

We were nominated for the “Startup of the year” award at the Green Awards in Berlin. We were proud to be the only Norwegian company competing in the category.

We were also the semi-finalists at the Built World Innovation Contest; 50 other startups were competing in the event.

We were one of the 5 startups pitching in the final round at the EXPO REAL.A month after this, we made it to the final 25 of Light + Building 2020, after competing with 1600 other companies! Needless to say, we can’t wait to present at the event next year.


Bravo Group AS, a leading IT and digital provider, joined hands with Smart Plants to optimize buildings for maximum energy optimization. The collaboration is expected to automate business buildings, schools, sports halls, and basically any building that needs to cut its losses.

Smart Plants Partnership-with-bravo-group

We also became a Klimapartnere this year, owing to our commitment to creating a greener, smarter world.

Events and Speeches

We started the year off by presenting at the Enova conference in January. There we pledged to make Norway a low-emission society by 2050.

We also presented ClevAir at the Oslo Business Forum, where Sjur and our Sales Director, Christian Rasmussen met enthusiasts from around the world.

We presented our amazing building optimization and energy cost-cutting results at the Energy Day event organized by Enova.

Towards the end of the year, we also attended the EXPO REAL event, where Sjur, Christian, and Greg, our Product Manager, spoke about transforming old buildings into energy efficient ones.

Sjur also spoke about energy optimization and building automation at FDVkongressen, and then again in a meeting with Ola Elvestuen, the climate and environment minister of Norway.

Sjur Usken and Ola-Elvestuen-the-climate-and-environment-minister-of-Norway
Sjur Usken and Ola-Elvestuen-the-climate-and-environment-minister-of-Norway

Product Milestones

It makes you so proud when you exceed your client’s expectations. This is what happened to us when we reduced the costs of a multinational furniture retailer that thought it was already very energy-efficient.

Anders Lennartson Director-of-Sustainability

They were so pleasantly surprised with the results that they decided to install ClevAir in all their buildings!

2019 was another year of reinvigorating old buildings and raising eyebrows with the results. Here’s hoping that 2020 won’t be any different.

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