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How this hospitality solution revolutionizes the industry

Do you want to stay competitive in the hospitality industry? Then you have to go the extra mile to attract and keep your visitors.

Mustad Eiendom is a Norwegian real-estate company with over 150 years of business experience. Now, they decided to analyze and optimize its popular cultural center to create a perfect indoor climate and saw major energy savings come along with it.

Here is their story –

download use case and dive deep into their insights

Mustad Eiendom Use Case

Are you holding your guests hostage?

Bad indoor climate

When visitors feel trapped in poor air quality, uncomfortable temperature, and costly payments, your business dies in the silence. Your hospitality feels neglected by fundamental discomfort.

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Technological developments empower your ability to create a welcoming space and increase your assets on the side.

Read how we optimized a modern cultural center to save 20-40% of its energy usage and create a pleasant atmosphere for its guests at all times of the day. Download use case.

Buildings are ever-changing
building analytics

Buildings are living organisms, but the hospitality industry often neglects that. Our living spaces consist of different components that contribute to the function of the whole. Its potential can either be maximized or completely disregarded.

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies let us analyze these components both as standalone elements and as parts of a larger system. We are now able to see the building’s internal and external communication to gain deeper insight and control of our indoor environments than ever before.

One product for flexible needs

Building data

How do you stay in harmony with ever changing outdoor pressures? How can ventilation accurately respond to the amount of occupants in a room? Flexibility is the new advantage.

An upgrade of this kind has long been too much of an investment, but ClevAir, our building management system, is the modern solution that fits your equipment without a need for replacements.

That’s why Mustad Eiendom asked us to recreate the atmosphere in its cultural center. Our technology diagnosed misconfigurations in the ventilation system and gave administrators a wide range of options for personalization.

Let modern technology help you build a community to be proud of.

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