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Our Experience at Slush: Post Hangover Thoughts on One of the Largest Tech Events in the World

Now that we have thawed from Helsinki’s freezing climate, here’s our take on the 48-hour frenzy.

Every year more than 17,000 people gather for Slush, to network with 1000’s of investors, startups, talent-seekers, job-seekers and tech junkies on Nitros. This time they had us at Al Gore’s Keynote Speech.  

Besides Mr. Al Gore, we observed several other exceptional speakers who blew our minds! Our team had a great time, and got the chance to present our idea to many investors and potential business partners.

Slush, Helsinki

The atmosphere was a perfect blend to house our ideas. Our CEO, Sjur explained how by harnessing the real power of data, existing in legacy systems in any infrastructure, we digitize companies and make them understand the full depth of their processes and business. So that they become energy-efficient and can make better informed, long-term decisions.

ClevAir, building management system, optimize and controls HVAC systems. It ensures a better indoor climate but with incredibly reduced power consumption. We have recently partnered with Cisco to help deliver our smart-building solution globally to any facility with Cisco hardware installed.

While Smart Factory integrates with production equipment to capture real time status on the factory floor. The data driven, end-to-end system makes sure that your productivity is maximized in a lean and energy-efficient manner. Our most recent customers recorded a 7.5% boost in output which translated to a 10 million Euro increase in their production worth. That sure wow-ed some at Slush.

slush behind the scenes

It was an inspirational experience. Besides meeting a lot of like-minded people who want to utilize their talent and resources in tech to make this planet a better place, we had a blast! Some of us are still hung over- true story.

Thousands listen to inspirational speakers in the blitz of Slush

Sjur even managed to have a moment with an astronaut.

As well as a one-on-one with US ambassador to Finland!

US Ambassador with Smart Plants CEO Sjur Usken

A great end to an awesome year. And a huge boost for the year to come.


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